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A place where you listen to music while building cool stuff. - Jul 2022

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Project Overview

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When I initially joined DeveloperDAO, my excitement to contribute to the DAO's projects was palpable. One standout project that captured my interest was the inception of DeveloperDAO Fm. This website aimed to provide coders with an enriched experience, allowing them to code while enjoying the soothing accompaniment of Lo-Fi music.

Beyond its musical offerings, the platform boasted a Pomodoro technique-based timer and a seamless channel-switching feature, enhancing the coding environment.

My Contributions

Delving into my role within this project, I eagerly embraced the opportunity to craft an immersive user experience. The heart of the experience was encapsulated in the ingeniously simple yet functionally profound logo of DeveloperDAO. To infuse an emotional incentive.

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(These were the first attempts to discover the logo's potential, I shared this design on my X account.)

I strategically designed the logo's interactions. A noteworthy feature was the logo's dynamic response to user actions – clicking the play button prompted the logo's face to break into a cheerful smile, while pausing the music led to the logo's smile fading away. This nuanced interaction was poised to delight users and accentuate their engagement.

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(The Play and the Pause modes)
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(Closer look at the Play and the Pause buttons.)
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(This is the music icon, This is where you can switch between music channels)
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( An overview of the website.)

Reflection —

Sharing my creation with the community brought forth an outpouring of positive feedback, especially from fellow DAO members. This enthusiastic reception fostered a sense of unity, akin to belonging to an exclusive club, with the positive energy resonating outward. Emboldened by this initial response, I took a bold step and showcased DeveloperDAO Fm on Product Hunt, a platform known for spotlighting innovative products.

The outcome was nothing short of remarkable – DeveloperDAO Fm rapidly ascended to secure a position as one of the platform's top-rated products. The pinnacle achievement of this project, however, lay in its profound impact on the DAO's brand awareness. By seamlessly blending practical coding utilities with an immersive musical experience, DeveloperDAO Fm not only accomplished its intended objectives but also reverberated deeply within the coding community. This project illuminated the potential of creativity and innovation in fostering community bonds while concurrently achieving strategic milestones. With this reflection,

I've come to appreciate how a single project can be a catalyst for both personal growth and broader community engagement. The fusion of creative thinking and strategic execution emerged as a powerful force in realizing meaningful goals.

Product hunt's comments

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( Product hunt's comments)
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(Product Hunt's email about featuring developerDAO FM in their newsletter.)

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